An explosion of colours and shapes | The new White & Colors collection

An explosion of colours and shapes | The new White & Colors collection

Beyond its well-known aesthetic function, colour has a major psychological importance, influencing the perception and feeling of a space immediately.

With this in mind Porcelanosa has launched the new White & Colors tile collection; created to boost feelings through the use of colour.

An explosion of vibrant colours is portrayed in small format through ceramic tiles presented in two formations.

Sevilla – comprising three tiles arranged horizontally in each 20 x 31cm tile.

And Malaga – a grid composition in the same 20 x 31cm size.

These ten new colours, with a choice of format, deliver endless decorative possibilities when creating modern tile design for any space.

Choose the neutral, lighter tones to form the main base tones, and introduce the richer colours to unleash creativity and create accents and feature areas.


White is the lightest colour, it will reflect and disperse light and create space.


This soft pink has a charm that radiates joy, happiness, optimism and sensitivity.


Beige, an off-white with light chestnut for an understated warmth.


Grey is a dark bluish tone; a mixture of ultramarine blue and black inspired by the watercolours seen at the end of the 18th century.


Based on industrial steel, embracing greys and blues, the colour brings elegance and combined with white, a certain Zen touch to spaces.


A colour that appears constantly in our lives because of the colour of the sky and the ocean. It is fresh, pure and clean – balancing and calming the mind. A colour of tranquillity.


A vibrant blue-green formed from a variation of the cyan colours found in rain, rivers, seas, lakes and hot springs. A strong colour tone that becomes completely serene when balanced with white.


Green, a colour that conveys life and nature, it suggests the freshness and spring of our organic outside spaces.


As the colour of the sun, yellow calms, encourages and sharpens reflections. This mustard yellow, combined with neutral colours, makes it the undisputed star. Or mix with grey to create a modern sophisticated palette.


Red and white are traditional colours that are prominent in Japan – denoting strength, determination and passion. Both colours are used in decoration to represent happiness and joy.

Shop the White & Colors collection in our Woking showroom and find your perfect colour combination.

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